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User experience experts

We help you evolve your customer experience to amplify your brand, build loyalty, capture market share, and maximize investment.

Full service UX consulting


Understand the unmet needs of your customers to design the right product or service.

Design & Refine

Get feedback early and often to course correct while it’s still easy to do so.


Know where you stand and get the insight you need to focus future development efforts or to document achievement of objectives.​

Creative. Flexible. Research-minded.

Quantifying your customer experience can be just as important as designing it. There are many ways to get the insights needed to guide your development process. We match the best research method to address your specific objectives and right-size our efforts without blowing your budget.




Contextual inquiry


Time & motion studies


Concept assessments


Focus groups


Diary studies


Formative usability testing


Collaborative design workshops


Heuristic evaluations


Information architecture assessments


Summative usability testing


Human factors validation testing


Comparative testing




Remote or in-lab testing

Health and medical device experience


Of our work is in medical device, digital health

Med device, pharma, and medtech companies our team has worked with in the last few years

Years’ combined experience applying human factors engineering to development of medical devices according to industry standards and FDA guidance

Healthcare and medical device research and design engagements our team members have planned, managed, and executed over the past 5 years

Our expertise in every stage

  • Exploration 30%
  • Design & Refine 45%
  • Measurement 25%

Testing a variety of products

  • Injection devices 30%
  • Packaging, labeling, instructions for use 25%
  • Digital assets & connected devices 30%
  • Infusion pumps, diagnostics, surgical devices, other​ 15%

…in any location.

  • Testing in US 75%
  • Testing outside of US 25%

Large-scale and global user research experience


Of our work is large scale, global user research

Countries our team has conducted research in

UX research partner firms we collaborate with around the globe to be our local experts

Point of contact for your large-scale, global research

Our expertise in every stage

  • Exploration 20%
  • Design & Refine 40%
  • Measurement 40%

Testing a variety of products

  • Connected experiences 50%
  • Medical devices & digital health 25%
  • Finance, tech, other 25%

Outside of US expertise

  • Northern Europe 50%
  • APAC 30%
  • LATAM 10%
  • Southern Europe 10%

Connected experiences


Of our work is focused on connected devices and experiences

Leading B2B and B2C eCommerce companies our team has worked with

Leading tech, telco, and media firms our team has worked with

Automotive OEM, supplier, and alternative mobility firms our team has worked with

Our expertise in every stage

  • Exploration 20%
  • Design & Refine 60%
  • Measurement 20%

Testing a variety of products

  • eCommerce 35%
  • Connected medical devices 25%
  • Smart home 20%
  • Mobility 20%

…in every location.

  • Testing in US 75%
  • Testing outside of US 25%


(of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous​
(of a color or design) having a strong or vivid appearance​

We love the definition of bold. On the surface, many of us don’t look like risk-takers. We are researchers; we are calculated and thoughtful about the insights we produce. We always respect the constraints you are faced with, but we will challenge status quo. We stretch beyond expectations. We are honest and passionate. We bring years of experience and a ‘no bullshit’ approach to every meeting, every project, every recommendation. We want you to walk away confident that you will build an experience your users will love.​

Oh, and we promise it will be fun because we love our jobs and the energy is contagious.

Meet the team

Gavin Lew

Managing Director

Gavin has 25 years of experience in corporate and academic environments. He founded what grew to be the largest UX firm in the US. After selling the company, he continued to lead a North American UX team to become one of the most profitable business units of the parent organization. He is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences and the inventor of several patents. Gavin is currently co-authoring a book on artificial intelligence (AI) and UX. He is an adjunct professor at DePaul and Northwestern Universities. Gavin is both a Star Wars and Lego enthusiast, which is easy to tell if you visit our office. Gavin has an MA in Experimental Psychology from Loyola University.

Robert Schumacher

Managing Director

Bob has more than 25 years of experience in UX research. He co-owned the largest UX firm in the US and founded the first international network of UX consulting firms, which has grown to 25 countries. With a passion for global user research, Bob edited The Handbook of Global User Research. He has written standards for voice and graphical user interfaces, he holds several patents, and he has published dozens of technical and industry articles. He lectures frequently on the latest trends in UX research. You can count on Bob for a good farm metaphor, a single-malt recommendation, and a favorite ‘extreme’ cheese to pair with a Rioja. Bob holds a PhD in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
Led by Gavin Lew and Robert Schumacher, our team brings the expertise and professionalism of a large agency, with the imagination and agility of a startup. How? Because we’ve been both. We have been working together for the past 20 years to help our clients create exceptional experiences for their customers. We have learned a lot along the way. We keep our overhead low so we can focus our efforts on making you successful.​

Our stats

  • Have advanced degrees 100%
  • Speak at conferences 75%
  • Hold patents 30%
  • Have a dog 60%
  • Claustrophobic 30%
  • Passionate about lunch 80%
  • Speak multiple languages 60%

Enough about us, let's talk about you!

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