Determine MVP mobile app requirements for customer’s relocation journey

A global relocation company was designing a new mobile app and wanted to better understand user needs prior to release.


The company required exploratory research to understand the minimum viable product (MVP) requirements for an application designed to support transferees with the corporate relocation process.
Our research included two user groups: transferees and relocation specialists.


With transferees, our team conducted:

  • In-home contextual inquiries to understand existing logistics and how it could translate into an app
  • A multi-week longitudinal online diary study outlining the relocation journey to determine how to enhance the process
  • Focus groups to gather design feedback

With relocation specialists, we conducted conference intercept research to understand barriers to app adoption.


We identified the transferees’ needs that could be addressed with a mobile app and the aspects of the relocation process that still required human interaction. We prioritized these items for the app’s initial release (MVP) and provided design recommendations.


Travel and hospitality


Exploratory / Foundational


Mobile app / Mobile device