Conduct global, large-scale mixed methods research with conversational & generative AI

A global technology company sought to understand how best to apply AI offerings across a suite of products.


We were tasked with understanding how humans form meaningful connections with AI characters, and, conversely, what factors drive attrition. Across global markets, we explored why and when users find AI such as ChatGPT compelling so that learnings could be applied to competing products.


For this global study, we employed a mixed-methods approach utilizing co-design, usability testing, panel research, IDIs, diary studies, and surveys. Beginning with exploratory co-design sessions and IDIs, this body of work expanded to mixed methods with multiple 200+ participant cohorts (1400 in all) completing diary entries, IDIs, and surveys.


Our insights directly impacted our client’s design and development of conversational characters and was recognized as a roadmap for future exploration. This nimble program pivoted to provide competitive insights on AI adoption in the US and globally, informing our client’s strategy in this fast-changing space.


AI, Consumer technology


Co-creation workshop, Diary study, Exploratory / Foundational, In-depth interview, Usability testing


AI-enabled product