Evaluate onboarding concepts for consumer technology device

A global technology company wanted to improve the onboarding experience for new users.


A global technology company wanted to improve the early learning experiences for users as they were onboarded with one of their core devices. We helped the client evaluate different options for onboarding, identify any usability issues with the current experience, and collect user preferences on concept variations.


In-person one-on-one interviews were conducted with participants who were unfamiliar or had low familiarity with the specific device. Participants were asked about their current experiences and presented with a series of onboarding task scenarios to complete. They were also presented with additional onboarding concepts to understand participant preferences.


This research provided insights into user expectations for ideal onboarding flows for the specific device and provided the client with an idea of how well onboarding concepts were received. We identified where there were points of confusion for participants, and discovered learning approaches that participants currently take in their own onboarding experiences.


Consumer technology


In-depth interview


Mobile and PC prototype