Provide expert evaluation of call center application

Our client was upgrading a sales and service application for customer service representatives.


The goal of this study was to assess the impact of rolling out a new sales and service application to thousands of desktops, handling millions of calls.


Our team conducted a series of offline (task-based) and online (live) studies with call center reps. Our client then evaluated the expected impact pre- and post-launch of the application. We collected time, motion, error data, and qualitative input.


We delivered a clear picture for our client as to what the impact of the new application would be (if implemented as is) for contact times, errors, and learnability (i.e., time to asymptotic performance) across a variety of contact types. Based on the qualitative feedback we collected, we provided guidance as to what elements to improve to reduce the impact of the change.


Consumer technology


Formative / Evaluative


Call center, Mobile app / Mobile device