Identify issues and improvements for security platform user interface

A global provider of network-based security threat detection systems sought to evaluate the user interface provided with its suite of products.


A global provider of enterprise security solutions sought to test the customer-facing interface for its security platform. We were tasked with identifying possible areas of confusion as well as exploring how enhancements to the interface and changes to tool placement might improve usability of a system designed to identify threats and assist in threat hunting.


Drawing on our expertise in user interface design and usability along with support from our UX researcher, who was trained by the client on how cyberthreats are investigated, we evaluated the various modules and features available to end users of the software. We utilized a rapid, timed approach to accurately reflect a real-world use scenario.


Our evaluation identified potential user interface issues that could be addressed to improve the overall usability of the platform. Our detailed findings offered opportunities for immediate improvement of the software and identified areas that may benefit from more targeted research with platform users.


Consumer technology


Formative / Evaluative