Explore collaborative intelligent technology

A global technology company sought to investigate ways to collaborate with intelligent technology to create customized and impactful outcomes for their users.


We were tasked with creating a research environment that enabled ordinary people to engage in dialogue about concepts that don’t yet exist. Our goal was to identify first best uses cases for broad mass market appeal of the technology with a focus on integrating this technology into future products and services.


Integrating group interviews and aspects of service design, our approach involved identifying friction points and collaboration opportunities. By grounding the team in current behaviors and envisioning imagined futures, we optimized task delegation for effective testing across diverse scenarios.


We delivered envisioned future scenarios of smart technology collaboration and marketing use cases for diverse segments. Additionally, our deliverables included detailed engagement journeys and insights into points of resistance to delegation, covering aspects like safety, trust, and sharing limits.


AI, Consumer technology


Exploratory / Foundational, Focus group


AI-enabled product