What we do matters: A Bold mission

December 17, 2019

We are frequently reminded, as user experience (UX) and human factors (HF) researchers, that our work matters. We research products that impact millions of lives; whether it is to design a safer and easier-to-use medical device, a more efficient and less frustrating call center experience, or new features of an autonomous-driving car, our insight helps product development and commercialization teams deliver a better experience for their users.

When we founded Bold Insight, we wanted to go even further in making a positive impact. We structured the company to maximize employee retention through a unique employee-ownership model, support employee careers through mentorship-style training, give back to our local community, help amplify causes that our clients care about, and support employees’ personal philanthropic efforts. Two years later, we reflect on how we’ve lived up to those goals.

Living our Bold mission

It began with a company mission statement. There were a few ideas that were important to all of us: communicating that we care as much about our client’s product success as they do, having fun at work, and giving back. We hoped that this foundation would support an organization that clients would be proud to work with and employees would be proud to work for. Because of the enthusiasm, passion, motivation, and energy from day one, we’ve been able to build a team that fully supports our mission. And not just on paper, they execute on it daily!

For our clients: creatively curious

You can often find our team huddled around whiteboards brainstorming ways to tackle client questions or combining research methods in new ways to address research objectives while working within business constraints. We genuinely love what we do, and we love finding creative solutions to our clients’ challenges. We get just as excited about data (probably more excited) as our sponsors. We want our sponsors to be viewed as champions of exceptional end user experiences as much as we want their products to be successful.

For our world: giving back

This part of our mission we’ve really embraced. In just two years, Bold Insight has supported two teams in charity races, hosted three charity-focused events, and donated to 33 philanthropic organizations; these efforts showcase how we’ve prioritized this goal. There were many other ways to focus our time and money as a startup over the past 24 months, but we were serious about our mission and we made it happen. (Want to know about our next charity event? Sign up here!)

For our employees: supportive family

Earlier this year we challenged our team to come up with words that described Bold Insight, and “family” kept popping up. It feels so normal, but we forget that a supportive, encouraging, fun work environment is often hard to find. We are fiercely proud of our “Bold culture” and we guarantee after a visit to one of our offices, you’ll recognize it.

We pledge to ‘build careers, not jobs’. When you begin to think about professional support in this way, it shifts the narrative. We’ve made strategic decisions that foster employee retention, beginning with a company structure that includes employee-ownership opportunities. We also provide ongoing training that evolves with the employee and offers mentorship support to continue to grow. From this perspective, we hope that Bold Insight is not only where team members will love working, but also feel professionally fulfilled.

And this year was so busy, we almost forgot that we opened TWO shiny new offices this year! We chose to invest in these spaces because the employee experience is priority. (Take a peek inside!)

Mission statements help develop the work environment, steer strategic decision making, and offer shared values of the team. We are thrilled that we brought the words on paper to life over the last two years, and we look forward to seeing how much more we can do!

And, hey, we’re hiring! Check out available jobs to see if Bold Insight would be a good fit for your next (and hopefully final) job move!