Bold Insight and MedRythms co-publish article on validation study to improve walking for chronic stroke population

November 20, 2023

This month, the Bold Insight team, including Jackie Ulaszek and Katie Leyden, in collaboration with Sarah Hodsdon Cooper and Kirsten Elisabeth Smayda from MedRhythm, alongside Annamaria Dobrin and Nicole Ferko from EVERSANA, shared their findings in an article published in the JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology journal. Their paper, titled, Validating the Safe and Effective Use of a Neurorehabilitation System (InTandem) to Improve Walking in the Chronic Stroke Population: Usability Study, explores a patient-focused approach to evaluate the InTandem neurorehabilitation system. This system is designed to enhance walking and community mobility for adults experiencing chronic stroke-induced walking difficulties. 

Walking impairments are frequently a long-term consequence of stroke, and although rehabilitative options exist, not many are suited for home use during the later stages of recovery. The study aimed to validate that individuals who represent the target users of InTandem could effectively perform critical tasks and understand the provided instructions. The findings revealed a very low incidence of user errors, indicating that participants could use InTandem safely and effectively in their intended environment. 

”Conducting this research alongside our partners at MedRhythms who brought diverse expertise through all of their formative research, was enlightening as it demonstrated the significant potential of home-based solutions to enhance the quality of life for stroke survivors,” said Jackie Ulaszek, Managing Partner at Bold Insight. “Our study underscored the critical importance of integrating human factors research to ensure that medical devices like InTandem are not only effective but also safe and user-friendly for vulnerable communities.” 

Read the full article by visiting the JMIR Publications website. 

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