Bold Insight sponsors and presents at UX Healthcare London Conference

June 21, 2022

This month, Bold Insight UK is participating in the UX Healthcare 2022 London conference, an event that brings together designers, practitioners, clinicians, technologists, and thought leaders to alter and improve the health care experience. Bold Insight Director Shada Azodi will present, and Bold Insight UK is a primary sponsor of the event.

Azodi’s presentation, Solve for the right problem: Avoid Attempting to Retro-Fit Your Healthcare App to Fit Unidentified Clinical Problems, proposes that in healthcare, understanding the problem is half the challenge. Many organizations set out to develop applications to help improve clinical efficiency and/or patient outcomes but are unsuccessful. Azodi will share how in many cases, a development team may have a different understanding of the problem than the healthcare providers and that fragmented approach leads to low adoption of the digital health product. Her talk will unpack some effective research methods to avoid falling into this trap. Azodi’s presentation takes place on 21 June 2022 from 15:00 – 15:40 GMT.

The 2022 UX Healthcare London conference takes place from 20 – 22 June at the Moorgate Place in London, UK. UX Healthcare is a leading global User Experience Healthcare (UXH) platform with the goal to help UX practitioners, clinicians, and stakeholders improve the holistic patient experience. In 2022, UX Healthcare is holding events London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Visit the UX Healthcare website to register or learn more.

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