Bold Insight’s Gavin Lew talks AI user design in MedTech podcast

October 10, 2020

Discussing the benefits of designing artificial intelligence (AI) technology around the user, Gavin Lew, Managing Partner of Bold Insight, spoke with Tom Donnelly during the MedTech Chat podcast on October 9, 2020. Lew highlighted ways to improve AI technology adoption and the overall experience. 

Lew is a frequent presenter on AI and is co-author with Robert Schumacher of the recently released book, AI and UX: Why Artificial Intelligence Needs User Experience, published by Apress. The book explores the future of AI through interviews with AI experts and explores AI history, product examples and failures, and proposes a UX framework to help make AI successful. 

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AI and UX: Why Artificial Intelligence Needs User Experience

by Gavin Lew and Robert M. Schumacher