A Bold year to remember!

December 27, 2018
Bold Insight started out small, much like my former company 20 years earlier, User Centric, where a few set off with lofty ideas and a plan. But this time, we are smarter. We learned from the growing pains, the corporate red tape, and how to run a business better to ultimately benefit our clients. A year has passed and Bold Insight has emerged into so much more than anyone could have dreamed. We set the bar high with an adjective that would guide us both individually and collectively to be BOLD. As UX researchers, our brains tell us to be thoughtful and calculated. But our hearts scream for us to be courageous.

Courageous by being a committed and curious research partner that cares about product success as much as our clients do, and to consistently provide the insight needed to create safer and more efficient, effective, and engaging experiences.

Courageous by nurturing a fun, supportive, and dynamic work environment that imparts cultural values of empowerment, resourcefulness, and ingenuity; to reward dedication and initiative with opportunities to share in the success of the business. That’s what being an employee-owned business is all about.

Courageous by giving back to the community through our commitment to philanthropy and investment in advancing our field. In 2018, we supported undergrads and graduate students studying human-computer interaction (HCI), organized a company team for a charity 5K, and hosted two networking events (Chips for Charity) that resulted in donations to 20 charities and look forward to more in 2019.

In a short year, we have surpassed our goals. We have grown from two to 30 in what seems like a heartbeat. With that growth comes office expansion. We are so excited about two brand new offices in 2019. Built from the ground up, our goal is to make these spaces uniquely “Bold Insight” to reflect our company culture. Our Chicago Loop location will open in January 2019 and our new headquarters, designed around the employee experience, will open in March 2019 in Downers Grove, IL (Chicago suburb).

In the last year, we have also expanded our international network through global funding. With partner locations in Germany, Switzerland, and Japan, we are poised to support global projects effectively and efficiently.

What a year this has been! Bring it on 2019! We are excited for it to begin!