New Blog Series: Bold Insight and Orthogonal share insights about getting medical devices to market faster

June 18, 2020

Given the multidisciplinary nature of MedTech and connected health, we have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of professionals including engineers of many stripes, scientists, researchers, designers, experts in regulatory, and quality management. Our collaborations with the talented UX and human factors researchers at Bold Insight have been especially synergistic because Bold Insight’s specialization in user research for regulated medical devices is an excellent complement to Orthgonal’s specialization in the design and development of connected mobile medical devices and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD). But more than working on a common niche, Bold Insight and Orthogonal are fellow travelers on the road to slay the same dragon: We both believe that there is a huge opportunity to move the needle on healthcare costs and outcomes through the effective use of digital health solutions.

In recent years, both of our organizations (and clients!) have recognized how research and development teams can work together in a much more seamless and effective manner when they are aligned with a common focus on user-centered design. This is even more true when the Rs and the Ds in R&D jointly leverage methods based on fast feedback loops that generate rapid, iterative learning and progress such as Lean UX and Agile software development.

Given our mutual passion for getting safe, engaging, clinically effective, and comparatively effective medical devices to market faster, we thought we’d share from our experience what that process has looked like in this new series of blogs.

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Posts in this series:

Increasing release frequency and user testing frequency allows organizations to learn from mistakes in near-real-time and shows real-world successes, difficulties, and failures before summative human factors testing occurs resulting in reduced cost and user risk.
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Our most recommended strategies to avoid surprises, minimize risk, and achieve successful frequent releases, including rethinking the composition of your UX team, open communication, and effectively prioritizing tasks to maintain continuous build-measure-learn cycles.
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This post delves into techniques for learning early in the process, learning quickly throughout, and measuring efficiently once possible. Based on many years of real-world experience, these are strategies we recommend integrating within each release cycle because if you can build faster, but not learn and measure faster, you will not be able to release faster.
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We reached out to two industry experts who weighed in with their experiences integrating human factors research into their product development roadmap.
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About Orthogonal
Orthogonal is a software developer for connected mobile medical devices (CMMD) and software as a medical device (SaMD). We work with change agents who are responsible for digital transformation at medical device and diagnostics manufacturers. These leaders and pioneers need to accelerate their pipeline of product innovation to modernize patient care and gain competitive advantage.

Orthogonal applies deep experience in CMMD/SaMD and the power of fast feedback loops to rapidly develop, successfully launch, and continuously improve connected, compliant products—and we collaborate with our clients to build their own rapid CMMD/SAMD development engines. Over the last eight years, we’ve helped a wide variety of firms develop and bring their regulated/connected devices to market.

About Bold Insight
Bold Insight is a user experience and human factors research agency. Designing, managing, and executing projects that span the product development life cycle, we conduct user research informing early product design to global human factors validation. Working with digital, next-generation technology—medical devices to mobile apps, in-car systems to websites, back office systems to end-to-end customer journeys – we specialize in large-scale and global research.