In Person Research

Will participants show for fieldwork?

Let’s be real: While some aspects of a physical product like a medical device or home appliance can be evaluated over Zoom, there are certain experiences that can only be measured in person as it requires physical interaction interact with the device. As locations relax shelter-in-place...

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Be the student: 4 tips to be a better UX research moderator

I recently attended a conference on human factors and medical devices. In one session, on the topic of moderating usability test sessions, the speaker used the phrase “Be the student” to describe the attitude the moderator should have when conducting this type of research. That is, while the...

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So, your recruit fell apart… now what?

You have written the screener, kicked off your recruit weeks before the study, you keep in regular communication with the recruiter and things seem to be going well. You are at the Friday before your study and you only have one slot to fill. Your recruiter is confident and you are feeling good!...

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