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When building next gen fintech, start with research in Africa

The user experience (UX) of emerging FinTech might be considered superior in Africa compared to the United States. In Africa, the utility of cryptocurrencies has been communicated and made known, effectively improving the UX of this emerging technology.

Bold Insight’s Gavin Lew to present at Money 2020

The premier conference in the payments, fintech, and financial services industries, Money 20/20 hosts over 11,000 attendees and will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 21-24, 2018. Bold Insight Managing Director Gavin Lew is teaming up with Visa’s Head of...

Designing your POS so it’s not a POS

Regardless of whether the interface is intended to be used by a customer (novice) or an employee (expert), the key is to ensure that the POS interface is designed for the intended audience. To do this, organizations should engage users throughout the design process.