Bold Insight to host webinar on unique UX considerations for FemTech

July 24, 2023

Next month, Bold insight’s Shada Azodi and Martin Porcheron will present a webinar, How to deliver a better FemTech experience: UX considerations, to share learnings collected from their experience working with FemTech companies. Defined as electronic devices, software, or other technology relating to women’s health, FemTech has seen a rapid growth with limitless potential for innovation. The webinar aims to bring user experience (UX) and FemTech professionals together to proactively respond to unmet needs, foster positive user experiences, and stay ahead of the curve in the FemTech space.

“The FemTech revolution has not only revolutionised women’s healthcare but has also shed light on the importance of accessibility and digital inclusion,” said Azodi, Research Director of Bold Insight UK. “Despite this, there is relatively little information available on best practices for how to evaluate or design for enhanced FemTech user experience.”

Azodi and Porcheron will discuss key UX research principles and strategies that can be employed to optimise FemTech products, ensuring improved usability, accessibility, and overall satisfaction for users. They’ll use examples stemming from first-hand experience and industry guidelines to solidify best practices and empower the FemTech sector.

Azodi recently launched a London FemTech UX group, to bring together a passionate and inclusive community of UX professionals to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights on designing user-centric FemTech products.

The one-hour webinar will take place via Meetup on Wednesday 9th August at 3pm London time (UTC+1). Visit the event website to register and learn more.

About Bold Insight
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