Bold Insight’s Bob Schumacher to present on AI and UX at HCID Conference

May 31, 2023

Next month, Bob Schumacher, Managing Partner of Bold Insight UK, will speak at HCID Open Day, a conference run by the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design (HCID). This year’s conference theme is ‘Design Better,’ focusing on UX designers and researchers taking responsibility for the impact of what they are designing. Schumacher will share implications near- and long-term for the role of AI on user experience (UX) research in his talk Designing Better Research with AI.

“With the explosion of generative AI models, many industries are coming face-to-face with how ChatGPT and other large-language models (LLMs) will disrupt their industries and their jobs,” said Schumacher. “UX is no exception.”

Schumacher will discuss how LLMs can be used to augment UX research, as well as the limitations of LLMs and where they cannot be trusted. He will also share his thoughts on the future of UX research in the age of AI.

HCID Open Day will take place on Wednesday 14th June 2023 at City, University of London. Schumacher will present at 12:40 BST. Visit the event website to register and learn more.

About HCID
HCID is City, University of London’s Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design, a human computer interaction group with outstanding research, teaching, and consultancy & business services. Their prime focus is the relationship between people and innovative technology with the aim of creating more useful and usable systems. The group offers a full-time/part-time MSc in Human-Computer Interaction, runs a usability lab, and are a leading research centre in the UK.

About Bold Insight UK
Bold Insight UK is a user experience and human factors research agency. Based in London and Chicago, our work spans the product development life cycle – from early product design to global human factors validation – all to ensure the user experience is useful, usable, and satisfying. We work with digital, next-generation technology including medical devices, mobile apps, in-car systems, home appliances and more, delivering research-based insights to empower confidence in design.