Bold Insight’s Gavin Lew to present at Intellus Worldwide Fall vForum

September 22, 2020

Topics include AI and innovation of UX testing during the COVID era

Like many conferences, the shift to a virtual format will apply to this year’s Intellus Worldwide Summit. The Fall vForum will extend over four days and highlight topics that are top of mind for the healthcare insights and analytics community. Gavin Lew, Managing Partner of Bold Insight, will co-present during two of the days with other industry colleagues.

On September 24, Lew will participate in a group presentation, AI – How, When, and How to Know, with Elle Park (Apellis), Meridith Sigel-Willey (Novartis), Oodaye Shukla (Eversana), Isaac Rogers (20|20/Schlesinger Group), Mark Antonacci (KJT), and Geoff Penney (InCrowd). As artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled products are being developed, this session will provide the audience with lessons learned from those working in the field from insight’s role in the data to shaping a product for successful implementation.

Lew is a frequent presenter on AI and is co-author with Robert Schumacher of AI and UX: Why Artificial Intelligence Needs User Experience, a book due to be released in December. The book explores the future of AI through interviews with AI experts and explores AI history, product examples and failures, and proposes a UX framework to help make AI successful.

Lew will also present Innovation Success Stories – 4 Quick Case Studies: Subtleties in remote testing, device testing, ethnography, and diaries solutions during the vForum on October 8 with Michelle Blechman (Astellas), Scott Baker (Schlesinger Group), and Amir Kapadia (Shapiro + Raj). Using real-world examples, this discussion will focus on how researchers have had to adapt during in-person restrictions and sharing research during the age of COVID.

“While so much has changed in 2020, the need for research with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals has only increased with COVID,” said Lew. “Research insights are critical to help shape products for safe and effective use. How teams are doing research with COVID precautions will be on full display.”

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