Bold Insight’s Gavin Lew to present on artificial intelligence and user experience at Chicago AI Days preview event

May 9, 2018
A preview of Chicago AI Days, the Midwest’s largest artificial intelligence (AI) conference, will be held on May 15 and will focus on the connection between artificial intelligence and customer experience (CX). At this event, Gavin Lew, Managing Director of Bold Insight, will present, The evolution of UX and its future with AI.

In his talk, Lew will highlight the implications and industry applications of AI enhanced with UX, as well as, the evolution of human factors to usability to UX to CX to brand experience. Lew is currently co-authoring a book in which the future of AI is explored through interviews with AI experts.

The event, Is AI the new UX? | Enterprise applied AI in Customer Experience (CX), is hosted by Paul Blase, nationally-recognized AI leader, and will also discuss an enterprise-applied AI case study. Register for this event here.

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