Examine shopping experiences on an e-commerce platform

An e-commerce company asked us to explore how different features on their platform could be improved to better support customers in their online purchasing journeys.


An e-commerce company wanted us to understand how people navigate their live platform to complete a purchase and which features along the breadth of the purchase journey needed improvements. We investigated how customers choose their items, which delivery or collection services they prefer to use, and how they like to track their purchases. 


We conducted 90-minute interviews asking participants to walk us through making a simulated purchase, from looking for an item to reaching the checkout screen. Throughout each purchase stage, we explored which platform elements they prefer to use over others and how these could be improved. We also investigated what guides people’s decision-making when looking for, buying, and tracking items on this platform. In addition to the live platform, we presented participants with low-fidelity mock-ups to gather their feedback on new concepts and platform design changes.


Our research uncovered various pain points and potential barriers to accessing specialist care in the typical patient journey. Further, we provided feedback on the design and users’ perceived value of the content within the app, highlighting what worked well, potential design improvements and approaches that the client could adopt to localise the content to help to appeal more to the UK patient population. 


Consumer technology


In-lab testing


Low-fidelity prototypes, Mobile app / Mobile device