Identify infusion pump training requirements for new user population

A pharmaceutical company planned to make an existing infusion pump available to a new patient population.


A pharmaceutical company planned to offer a currently available infusion pump to a new user population. They needed to understand how use of the pump would differ with the new patient group and what changes might be necessary to safely adapt training methods for the unique needs of these new users.


We recruited nurse educators who routinely train patients to use infusion pumps and invited them to share their insights and unique experience during 90-minute remote sessions. We evaluated their feedback about how they structure their educational sessions and about how training needs are determined.


Study participants revealed specifics about how training content, duration, and frequency are tailored to the patient’s individual needs. They identified scenarios in which a pump may not be recommended for a particular patient, highlighting possible limitations of training. Our research also revealed commonalities in user needs, which could be leveraged during development of training materials and programs.




Exploratory / Foundational, Remote testing


Pumps and drug delivery devices, Training