Investigate cross-cultural differences in how individuals interact with ads on a video streaming platform

An advertising company asked us to explore how individuals from multiple countries interact with advertisements when consuming content across connected devices. We focused on identifying any user needs that could be transformed to increase brand engagement and create a more seamless purchase experience


While connected devices are becoming more popular, current ad experiences are still not optimized for multi-channel deployment, creating an opportunity to address this limitation. 


Our research approach included a one-week diary study, where we asked participants to track the ads they encountered, and if and how they interacted with these ads. We then observed users in their homes and recorded how they naturally interacted with ads, followed by interviews on their general ad experience.  When appropriate, we asked users their thoughts on features that can be incorporated to improve their overall experience. Throughout the study, we also managed overseas partners as they proceeded with their research. 


We identified multiple frustrations in users’ ad experience relating to the content of the ads they saw and difficulties with saving the ads, which created friction in their purchase decisions. We further highlighted cross-cultural differences and similarities in the user pain points in a detailed report and presented it to the client in a readout. This allowed us to discuss recommendations to improve their ad experiences. 


Market research and advertising


Diary study, In-lab testing


Mobile and PC