Understanding why people play multiplayer games to guide future product developments

A global technology company wanted us to research casual multiplayer games (MPGs), exploring the current design gaps and discovering the experiences and perceptions of why people play multiplayer games (MG). The purpose was to help guide future strategies.


They wished to understand why people enjoyed playing casual and multiplayer games (MPGs). We aimed to identify where the multiple-player experience occurred and uncover  user playing preferences and indispensable features . 


Across seven countries, we conducted 60-minute remote in-depth interviews with the target population. We asked participants to describe their MP gaming experience, detailing their favorite genres and play modes, definitions of casual MPGs, and how they discovered new MPGs. We probed whether different devices and settings would impact their casual and non-casual MPG experiences. We also asked participants about their game spending habits and subscription features to identify their expectations of the price and features of a gaming subscription service. 


Our research uncovered various pain points and potential barriers to accessing specialist care in the typical patient journey. Further, we provided feedback on the design and users’ perceived value of the content within the app, highlighting what worked well, potential design improvements and approaches that the client could adopt to localize the content to help to appeal more to the UK patient population. 




In-lab testing


Existing product experiences