Identify customer journey for connected wearable medication delivery system

A pharmaceutical manufacturer sought to explore the ideal customer journey for a new connected wearable medication delivery system.


The new system would be utilized by a patient population that was unfamiliar with wearable injection systems. It would connect with an application to allow patients additional control over the administration of their medication.


We conducted in-lab testing to determine how much feedback and involvement was acceptable and desired by the user. Using graphical cards, users identified the ideal flow to receive, store, administer, and dispose of the device. One month later, additional testing with a smaller group of new and previous testers refined the user flow based on feedback from the first session, delving deeper into features, drawing on their current journey to determine how best to utilize connectivity.


We helped the client gain a better understanding of how patients would embrace this technology and to what extent they want connected features to support their medication journey. We provided design recommendations they used while building their device.




Exploratory / Foundational


Drug delivery, Injection devices, Pumps and drug delivery devices