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UX principles for robot design: Have we begun to baseline?

As the robotics industry continues to find its way into our lives, we can begin to identify UX design principles to apply to this tech to increase the acceptance of robots and improve the human-robot interaction experience.

Three things to improve acceptance of AI

To truly deliver on the promise of AI, developers need to keep the end users in mind. By integrating three components of context, interaction, and trust, AI can be the runaway success that futurists predict it will be.

Reclassifying diabetes: 3 implications for product design

Recent research suggests that reclassifying diabetes may allow for the development of more targeted diabetes treatments. This could present opportunities to design these treatments to maximize patient safety and experience.

Designing your POS so it’s not a POS

Regardless of whether the interface is intended to be used by a customer (novice) or an employee (expert), the key is to ensure that the POS interface is designed for the intended audience. To do this, organizations should engage users throughout the design process.