Bold Insight featured in Med-Tech Innovation, spotlighting the FemTech revolution

September 21, 2023

In the latest issue of Med-Tech Innovation, Shada Azodi, Research Director at Bold Insight, explores the intersection of FemTech, user experience (UX) research, and digital inclusion. The article, Unveiling the lessons of the FemTech revolution, emphasises the transformative power of inclusive design and user-centric approaches in this growing industry.

“FemTech brings invaluable lessons to the healthcare industry,” said Azodi. “From empowering women’s health to driving innovation, this revolution is reshaping the future of healthcare.”

A digitally-inclusive future includes integrating FemTech research into the design and development of digital products and services. The lessons from the FemTech revolution are a reminder of the transformative impact that inclusive design can have, shaping a more equitable digital landscape for all.

Azodi recently launched a London FemTech UX group and co-presented a webinar with Martin Porcheron, Senior Researcher at Bold Insight, on How to deliver a better FemTech experience: UX considerations, sharing their experiences and insights acquired from working with FemTech companies.

Read the full article by visiting the Med-Tech Innovation website.

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