Bold Insight partners with DigitalHealth.London for user-centered design workshop

November 21, 2023

This week, Bold Insight’s Shada Azodi and Martin Porcheron will lead a user experience (UX) workshop in collaboration with DigitalHealth.London. The team will share learnings from their experience when conducting UX research to help companies develop effective and inclusive solutions for users of digital health technology.

“Designing good experiences is no easy task,” said Azodi, Research Director of Bold Insight UK. “It is important that we know we are solving the right problem and truly understanding the intersection of people, environments, and tasks. While this process can be challenging, the payoff of improved user adoption and trust results in less churn and decreases development costs over time.”

Azodi has recently presented on the importance of UX research in digital health as a keynote speaker at the Frontiers Health conference and was featured in Med-Tech Innovation. Last week, Porcheron was a featured speaker at UX Live London and also presented a FemTech webinar with Azodi earlier this year. 

About DigitalHealth.London
DigitalHealth.London connects NHS staff, digital health companies and academics, and equips them to improve the NHS and social care in London through digital technology. Their programmes provide bespoke advice, mentoring, education, peer networking, brand awareness, and partnership opportunities, to digital health leaders who are tackling the biggest challenges facing patients, and NHS and social care staff.

About Bold Insight
Bold Insight is a user experience and human factors research agency. Based in London and Chicago, our work spans the product development life cycle – from early product design to global human factors validation – all to ensure the user experience is useful, usable, and satisfying. We work with digital, next-generation technology including medical devices, mobile apps, in-car systems, home appliances and more, delivering research-based insights to empower confidence in design. Reach out!