Bold Insight to present findings from global study on AI tools at UX Masterclass

September 18, 2023

This month, Bold Insight (UK) Managing Partner Robert Schumacher, PhD and Bold Insight (US) Senior UX Researcher Lindsey DeWitt Prat, PhD will join leading user experience (UX) professionals from around the world to speak at the 20th UX Masterclass, a prestigious annual event organized by UXalliance. This year’s conference theme, Changemakers: How leaders can design change in a complex world, will delve into advanced UX topics, addressing specific challenges in product and service design, and providing solutions applicable to a wide variety of industries and contexts.

In their presentation, The Future of AI in UX: Insights from the Global Frontline, Schumacher and DeWitt Prat will showcase Bold Insight’s 24-country study on global UX researchers’ experiences with AI tools, from real-world applications to ethical challenges.

“AI is a double-edged sword, offering both remarkable opportunities and tangible challenges,” said DeWitt Prat. “Success hinges on more than just tech prowess – it’s about harnessing AI to elevate user experience at its core and do it responsibly.”

The UX Masterclass will take place on September 28, 2023 in Zaragoza, Spain. Visit the event website to register and learn more.

About the UXalliance
The UXAlliance is a network of 26 UX research and design companies across five continents and more than 50 countries. Since 2005, they have helped global organizations deliver successful, localized products through research, insight, and design. Bold Insight is the exclusive US partner of the UXalliance and founding members of the organization.

About Bold Insight  
Bold Insight is a UX and human factors research agency based in Chicago. Our research enables designers to design with confidence. We span the product development life cycle; informing early product design to global human factors validation, all to ensure user experiences are useful, usable, safe, engaging, and satisfying. Ready to discuss your next project? Reach out!