Bold Insight to present on AI and UX at UX STRAT conference

September 8, 2023

This month, Gavin Lew, Managing Partner at Bold Insight, will speak on artificial intelligence (AI) at UX STRAT USA 2023. The event will bring together experienced design and product professionals from around the world to share methodologies and tools focused on strategic design and innovation. In his presentation, AI + UX: Why Artificial Intelligence Needs User Experience, Lew will discuss why user experience (UX) must play an integral role in shaping AI-enabled products. He will highlight how UX can influence AI-learning datasets, recommend hypotheses, and anticipate design interactions to improve AI output and, ultimately, AI-enabled product adoption.

“AI has matured to the point where its relevance and value are clear,” said Lew. “Let’s not wait to see what AI brings forth; instead, let’s lean in to do what we do best – design experiences.”

This talk integrates core elements from Lew’s book entitled, AI and UX: Why Artificial Intelligence Needs User Experience, co-authored by Robert Schumacher, Managing Director of Bold Insight UK. Lew will present case studies that explore a UX framework paving the way for AI to have future success along three core dimensions: context, interaction, and trust. The audience will learn techniques to make AI more approachable.

Lew’s presentation will take place in Boulder, CO on September 12, 2023. Visit the conference website to register and learn more.

UX STRAT’s mission is to help experienced designers, researchers, and product professionals reach the highest potential in their skills, their companies, and their careers. Beginning in 2013, they have been shining a spotlight on people doing outstanding work in design strategy and innovation, in beautiful locations that foster learning, getting inspired, and connecting with experienced peers.

About Bold Insight
Bold Insight is a UX and human factors research agency based in Chicago. Our research enables designers to design with confidence. We span the product development life cycle; informing early product design to global human factors validation, all to ensure user experiences are useful, usable, safe, engaging, and satisfying. Ready to discuss your next project? Reach out!



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