Bold Insight to present on employee experience at HR leadership conference

May 16, 2023

Joining leaders in HR, recruiting, and employee branding this month, Bold Insight Managing Partners Pamela Stoffregen-Gay and Yvette Granger will present at the 2023 Best Companies Group Leadership Conference. Stoffregen-Gay and Granger will present Applying a UX Approach to Design a Company around the Employee, detailing how principles of user experience (UX) research can help HR leaders create a responsive company design that prioritizes employee experiences.

“UX research reveals what a user needs and wants, how a product or experience fits into their lives–and when it doesn’t perform, uncovering why it’s not working and how to fix it,” said Granger. “Applying that framework to the employee experience can reveal evidence-based actions for HR leaders, making it much easier to identify solutions that can move the needle.”

Granger and Stoffregen-Gay will present on Tuesday, May 23, at 10 and 11 AM CDT. The 2023 Best Companies Leadership Conference will be held on May 22-24 in Minneapolis, MN. Visit the event website to register and learn more.

About Bold Insight
Bold Insight is a user experience (UX) and human factors research agency. We span the product development life cycle; our research informs early product design to human factors validation, all to ensure user experiences are useful, usable, safe, engaging, and satisfying. Specializing in large-scale and global research, we work with digital, next-generation technology—medical devices to mobile apps, in-car systems to websites, back-office software to end-to-end customer journeys. We also practice what we preach: our company was designed around the employee experience. In 2023, we’ve been recognized for the third time on the Inc. Best Workplaces list and as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company.

About Best Companies Group
Best Companies Group is the best partner for HR teams interested in understanding, improving, and showcasing their work environment and company culture. Their scientifically developed survey methodology is based on expert insights from long-time HR practitioners optimized through thousands of hours of field use.


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