FemTech research

Our team specializes in helping companies develop inclusive and bespoke experiences for users of technology that focuses on women’s health. Designing accessible, effective, and easy-to-use interfaces is essential to increasing your user base.

Enhance the user experience

Transform your design approach with our data-driven methods, unlocking insights to create engaging experiences that delight your users.

Bespoke FemTech solutions

We employ a wide array of research methods to provide a rich understanding of human behavior. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in the FemTech industry, from wellbeing applications to regulated medical devices, our research can help enhance your product, leading to improved user experience, increased trust, and product adoption.

We have a proven track record of success across diverse industries, including healthcare, finance, and retail. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to startups. We deliver tailored solutions that cater to your target audience and address your business objectives.

Delivering a better FemTech experience

Femtech has played a significant role in promoting digital inclusion by addressing the specific healthcare needs of women and ensuring accessibility to vital health-related information and services. UX research serves as a valuable tool in uncovering the barriers that prevent individuals from accessing and fully engaging with these digital platforms and services.


Our research services

User research

  • Capture your users’ interests and understanding through interviews, observations, and live testing.
  • Improve your solutions by gaining insight into what drives your users in their daily lives through focus groups and diary studies.

UX Expert Review

  • Learn how well your interfaces align with accessibility best practices through our evaluation service.
  • Gain insights into which elements of your user journey are doing well or need improvement from an accessibility standpoint.

Competitor analysis

  • Analyze your competition – identify their strengths and weaknesses through research.
  • Understand the latest trends to determine the direction the community is moving, allowing you to get ahead of the curve.

Global studies, local coordination

  • Conduct your research in multiple markets simultaneously – we handle all international coordination and provide a single point of contact.
  • Identify variances in expectations from users from across the globe with ease.

Why us?

Global research experts

We are a part of ReSight Global, a family of UX and human factors research agencies with offices in eight countries. We also have decades-long partnerships and discounted rates with 26 UX agencies around the world that offer coverage extending across 100+ markets.

Experts in FemTech UX

We thrive on diving deep and our experience translates to your benefit. We draw upon decades of user experience and human factors research, as well as, active leadership in the FemTech UX community.

Confidence in our insights

Our research empowers your designers to design with confidence and deliver an experience users will love. Our research deliverables typically include a summary of usability issues and performance measures, as well as actionable design recommendations detailing how to specifically improve the product or service.

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