Explore consumer insights on visual brand language of small appliance product line

A manufacturer of consumer goods sought to refresh guidelines related to the design of its product line.


We were tasked to gather and analyze consumer insights on three new visual brand language (VBL) options, which could be used to guide the design of future product offerings. We were to explore consumer attitudes toward these options based on many factors such as aesthetics, how the products might fit into the user’s kitchen, brand and category appropriateness, consumer experience, and distinction. 


Participants joined one-on-one remote video-conferencing sessions from their own kitchens. Participants were asked to complete activities and react to renderings of prospective VBL options. These sessions, each lasting 90 minutes, facilitated in-depth questioning and allowed participants’ opinions and preferences to be fully explored.


We collected a wide range of opinions by recruiting a mix of consumers from various geographic areas, age groups, and genders. Our insights helped to identify trends and understand how a user’s personal design style might influence purchasing decisions. Output from our study helped the manufacturer make data-driven decisions regarding the future of their visual brand language for their product line.


Home and small appliance


Design, Formative / Evaluative, Remote testing


Home appliance