Identify sources of confusion across global markets for software assessment feature

An information technology company needed to identify sources of misunderstanding for international users working with a new feature.


A global information technology company sought to evaluate one of their user experience software assessments with the goals of identifying possible misunderstandings in the current software feature assessment tool, understanding cultural differences in these misunderstandings, and identifying improvements to a current and planned software feature assessment tool.


We managed multiple formative studies utilizing cognitive interviews in four different countries to assess users’ perception, comprehension, and emotional reaction to the current software feature assessment tool. Subsequently, we used the wealth of this information to shape our recommendations for a more effective and culturally sensitive software feature assessment.


This global research identified culturally specific translation insights, sources of confusion, main user pain points, and improvement recommendations. These findings resulted in actionable solutions to improve use of the software feature assessment tool across markets.


Consumer technology


Formative / Evaluative, In-depth interview


Mobile and PC, Mobile and PC prototype