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So, your recruit fell apart… now what?

With the thousands of projects managed over the years, we feel like we’ve “seen it all.” While rare, in spite of the amount of preparation and planning, sometimes things don’t go as expected.

When it comes to voice print UX, what is our role as researchers?

During a recent study, we asked participants how long they thought they would have to speak in order for their voice to be uniquely recognized (i.e., voice print). While their estimates varied widely - from 30 seconds to 30 minutes - most people said about three to...

Three things to improve acceptance of AI

To truly deliver on the promise of AI, developers need to keep the end users in mind. By integrating three components of context, interaction, and trust, AI can be the runaway success that futurists predict it will be.

Recruiting methods and study logistics for human factors and user research

A stronger recruiting strategy that includes relationships with patient support groups and clinical treatment centers can provide better access to difficult-to-reach patient populations. Being intentional about how you plan the logistics of your human factors and user research can mitigate risks to validity introduced by biases.

Designing your POS so it’s not a POS

Regardless of whether the interface is intended to be used by a customer (novice) or an employee (expert), the key is to ensure that the POS interface is designed for the intended audience. To do this, organizations should engage users throughout the design process.

The time for a better UX in digital therapeutics is now

If history has shown that payer behavior tends to shift once a critical mass has been achieved, and we are on the precipice of achieving that critical mass for digital therapeutics, having a “user friendly solution” is about to replace “having a reimbursable solution” as the #1 factor affecting physician prescribing behavior.