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Kath Straub


Over the last 20 years, Kath has helped organizations ranging from Fortune 10s to governments to research hospitals, design and conduct strategic research and establish and nurture their human factors/user experience practices. She translates research into practice, synthesizing and integrating emerging and established methods and findings into actions that inform decisions, behaviors, and designs. Kath is drawn to work that connects the dots between how people understand, decide, and behave and is passionate about making work easier, safer, and more fulfilling. She has a BA in Psychology from John Hopkins University and a PhD in Brain & Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester.

Bold facts

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Something unique about you summed up in one sentence:

I am an only child and I was an only grandchild.

Your favorite city in the world is...and why?

Baltimore: It is small enough to have neighborhoods, but big enough to have real urban benefits and challenges. And it's quirky.

In your spare time (or if you had spare time), you would absolutely do this:

Explore beaches and scuba sites.

Share an interesting fact or a special skill:

Interested in all things food, from food tasting to chemistry to culture.

Your ultimate celebrity dinner party guest list would include...

Stephen Fry, David Attenborough, Sol Snyder, and Nelly Bly.

You cannot start the day without doing this:

Filling the hummingbird feeders.

What would be your most valuable zombie apocalypse skill?

Experiment/iterate to find ways to do whatever could/needed to be done.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given:

Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy.
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