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Jeff Byrd

IT Manager

Jeff has spent almost 20 years in the world of IT, and over 10 of those with a UX focus. Specializing in network security, he supports our ISO 9001 requirements, keeps both offices online, and is our go-to tech support for projects. Clients don’t normally get to meet Jeff (they’re missing out!) because he keeps labs running smoothly in the background. Jeff has a BS in Operations Management & Information Systems from Northern Illinois University.

Bold facts

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Something unique about you summed up in one sentence

I refuse to have food delivered. I will always go pick it up…my wife hates that.

Your favorite part of working at Bold Insight

Back working with people I’ve known for 10 years.

In your spare time (or if you had spare time), you would absolutely do this:

Go to a ranch somewhere in the mountains of Colorado.

How long have you been in the UX field?

IT for 20+ years IT in UX 10+ years

You cannot start the day without doing this...

Grabbing a 7-11 Double Gulp of Diet Coke.

Your favorite city in the world is...and why?

Chicago…love being in the city, hate getting there.

Your ultimate celebrity dinner party guest list would include:

Mike Ditka, Conan O’Brien, George Lucas, Eddie Vedder

Any other facts to share?

I’ve spent more on medical care for hamsters than I care to admit.
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