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So, your recruit fell apart… now what?

With the thousands of projects managed over the years, we feel like we've "seen it all". While rare, in spite of the amount of preparation and planning, sometimes things don't go as expected. Allison details tips on how to recover from a research participant recruit...

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Product design: Why it’s important to see behavior

As designers, we assume users will behave the way we expect them to behave. Unfortunately for us, humans are unpredictable … attempts to model behavior typically predict less than 10% of actions. Consider the Theory of Planned Behavior, which suggests behaviors depend...

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6 UX trends for 2019

As industries undergo massive change, there’s a tension; new players will disrupt old market structures and the UX is going to play a critical if not defining the role in the success or failure of these transformations. The bold future of UX: How new tech will shape...

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A Bold year to remember!

Bold Insight started out small, much like my former company 20 years earlier, User Centric, where a few set off with lofty ideas and a plan. But this time, we are smarter. We learned from the growing pains, the corporate red tape, and how to run a business better to...

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AI benefits from GPU, not CPU advancements

A quick follow-up to our blog posts about AI… The name of the game is no longer Moore's Law where we see processors getting exponentially faster. AI technology is driven not by computing processes of the past, but from an evolution beyond central processing unit (CPU)...

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The critical component missing from AI technology

The first step when developing AI is to understand the user need; but just as critical, is knowing the context in which the data is being collected. The bold future of UX: How new tech will shape the industry Part 3 ∙ The critical component missing from AI technology...

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Three things to improve acceptance of AI

To truly deliver on the promise of AI, developers need to keep the end users in mind. By integrating three components of context, interaction, and trust, AI can be the runaway success that futurists predict it will be. The bold future of UX: How new tech will shape...

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