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Jessica’s background lies in anthropology, public health, and clinical research. She brings strong foundations in human behavior and health to each project. She also has expertise in infectious disease surveillance. In the past, Jessica has worked with a variety of public and non-profit entities, including the Chicago Department of Public Health, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the United States Navy. She has a passion for fieldwork and seeks to understand interactions between humans, society, health, and daily product use. Jessica holds a MPH from DePaul University.

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Something unique about you summed up in one sentence

I have somehow managed to gravitate through some pretty crazy and unique adventures: I played the saxophone for 11 years,  studied skeletons from ancient civilizations, helped excavate a mastodon in my home town, and worked for the U.S. Navy.

Your favorite part of working at Bold Insight

The Bold Insight culture is something out of a fantasy novel. The people here love what they do for a living and are incredibly intelligent and supportive; the company as a whole truly cares for you as a person and strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance. There’s no place like Bold.

In your spare time you would absolutely do this:

Travel! I’m always daydreaming of hiking through the mountains or scuba diving in the sea. Want someone to discover a new city, culture, or ethnic cuisine with you? Count me in!

How long have you been in the UX field?

4 years

Your favorite city in the world is...and why?

The one I haven’t explored yet! I am always on the lookout for a new adventure.

You cannot start the day without doing this…

Brushing my teeth! Even though I know the science behind it, I will never truly understand how it is you can go to bed at night with a mouth tasting minty fresh and wake up with “hobo breath.” It’s just not fair!

Your ultimate celebrity dinner party guest list would include:

My dream dinner table would probably consist of my personal heroes: John Cleese (comedian/actor, known for his work with Monty Python), Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson (astrophysicist/StarTalk podcast host, known for degrading Pluto from its grand planetary status), and Dr. Nathan Wolfe (virologist/epidemiologist, known for conducting groundbreaking studies on infectious disease evolution and transmission). We would most likely eat burritos.

Long-term personal or professional goal?

It is my goal to traverse each of the 58 U.S. National Parks. 10 down, 48 more to go!
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November 14, 2022

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